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10th March 2017

Recently I received two forwarded emails from companies that I am working with. The first came from a very demanding customer of a national utility and the second came from a long in the tooth employee. If Carlsberg did service then they would tell a story about this customer and the people who she interacted with. If there was an award for pride, belonging and gratitude then the story from the long in the tooth employee would be incontestable.

For commercial and personal confidentiality the names have been omitted but the words in direct speech are those of the customer and the employee.

Here are the stories……

It’s windy, very windy when you’re on the 6th floor roof when the rain comes horizontally and you’re checking that the scaffolding is secure.

The customer wrote…….

“They were outstanding, they started off a couple of weeks behind due to weather but the guys worked so hard they ended up finishing a couple of weeks early. My experience of contractors is they want to get in and out but these guys were real gentlemen, they were so polite. One day they even brought me lunch!

We were updated every day and they went the extra mile for sure. We would welcome them on any of our sites and they are a real credit to your company.

Compared to other companies we use you are much better than anyone else.”

The other company produce a newsletter focusing on how they are doing with service and in it there is acknowledgement of people who have gone the extra mile. This is a new thing.

Here’s what the employee wrote in his email…….

“Dear colleagues,

Having received and read the “spotlight on service” mail, I would like to say thank you for my recognition. It is welcomed and very much appreciated. In 28 years in the trade I can honestly say that it is the first time that any of my employers have given me such a lift in spirit.
I look forward to continuing my work and will strive to further improve and promote the business to the very best of my abilities.

Yours sincerely”

I am delighted for these companies. They provide authentic leadership, communication and engagement with their people. Their commitment to achieving outstanding service is palpable and infectious. They don’t need an awards ceremony, they let their people and their customers do the talking and the rewards follow on.





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