At Your Best enables each individual to become much more effective and fulfilled.

To help get you there we use a combination of self-assessment, personal reflection, psychological profiling and on certain occasions 360 degree feedback.

The sifting process enables you to reconsider your goals, hopes and desires. Over two or three sessions you will have a very clear picture of what At Your Best means for you.

Getting there is half the battle. Staying there is the other half. In a series of one to ones over an agreed period you will have the opportunity to take time out, be reinvigorated and keep at your best! It is an approach which works for all levels of managers in the business.



The best way to find out more is to give me a call or drop me an email.

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“I’ve found that the one to ones always leave me motivated, very focused and very clear about what I need and want to do. The language that Eric uses is not management speak, it is language that is understandable and that I can use!

Looking back over the past two to three years since I started using this, I can see how much I and we have changed but it’s been subtle, over time. It’s all to the good.”

Alastair Wallace, Managing Partner, Thomas and Adamson

“Eric’s approach has helped us grow a stronger development team which can now focus on the key areas that will have the biggest impact and which add the highest level of value to the business.

His involvement in all of this has been as a mentor, coach, source of information, confidant and friend – all of which a lonely Managing Director needs at times!”

Allan Ross, Managing Director, First Independent Finance

“Everyone values the personal and private nature of the one to ones – they have helped enormously.”

Lindsay Campbell, Managing Director, Grant Management


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