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Values trump performance?

11th November 2015

It wasn’t the Two Ronnies it was the Two Peters last night at the focus dinner of Entrepreneurial Scotland which I chaired. It was an easy job as Peter Vardy and Sir Peter Vardy provided us with food for thought – enough for a feast.

The Next Generation was the title of their talk which was what was shared over the generations and the challenges facing the current one. Loud and clear we heard in many ways that indeed values can trump performance and here is the good news; building a company from values fuels great success.

The figures for Reg Vardy plc and Peter Vardy Ltd speak for themselves and the spirit of entrepreneurial innovation is through all the history and journey they have been on and they are still pioneering.

We heard about compassionate leadership, a maniacal focus on service, a commitment to shared leadership, healthy discontent and many more small golden nuggets.

Above all else the talk gave encouragement and belief to all who want to stand out by standing for their values. It’s the next generation Daddy oh!




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