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Sometimes you need to retreat to advance

30th March 2016

There never is enough time to get to the important things, the bigger issues and the potential game changers. Taking busy people out of the day to day, week to week urgent demands of business is also disruptive and costly. However if you invest the time wisely then retreating can produce the catalyst for a better future.

The global management team of OES Oilfield Services made that investment early this month when I facilitated their 3 day retreat at York, England.

Four seasons in one day

Four seasons in one day

Here’s what Euan Lockhart their CEO had to say about it………

“This was the first time a newly formed senior leadership team had taken time out to consider strategy, leadership and developing the company. Everyone benefitted from the straight forward and focused approach taken by Eric. OES is a privately owned SME and Eric was chosen specifically for his background in working with such companies.  There was no ‘business school’ terminology nor did Eric try to make us into something we are not.  He was there to facilitate, assist, guide, prompt and instruct when required.  The open approach worked extremely well across a diverse team with varying levels of leadership experience. The outputs of a strategic plan, leadership actions and goals for the longer term are now being actively pursued.”



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